Today eyes see forlorn reflections and broken mirrors,
Today eyes see mystified dreams and identified terrors,

Bitter truths manipulated through cunning-ness unfathomable,
Pool of realities attacking the one absolutely vulnerable,

Today eyes see, pain piercing through the veiled hearts,
Today eyes see, crushed beings disparate from the very start,

Today eyes see, raging solitude desiring some company,
Worn out in the skin that no longer binds it, celebrating agony,

Today eyes see, the devil unwrapping his plots,
Today eyes see, ignorance swiftly taking its spot

Every emotion so overwhelmingly cruel, stinging the eyes with hurtful tears,
Betraying situations, masked identities, all packed up in the realm of fears,

Today eyes see a loss so irreplaceable,
A breakage not amendable,

A grief that’s hard to define, a space that refuses to get filled,
Dark oppressing wounds, black depressing memories all intact, all rigid,

Today eyes see yearning eyes thirsty for relief,
Today eyes see shackled heart, waiting to be freed,

Today eyes see a brutal past, through the lens of sorrow,
Dreading the future if it will be a replica of yesterday or a fruitful tomorrow,

Today eyes see fright burning within the candles of bonds,
Today eyes see burdens, rejected to be carried for long,

Today eyes see fading relationships, unfulfilled promises and life at its original best,
Today eyes see the haqeeqaah of this Duniya, it’s not even worth a penny – every situation is a test,

Today eyes see diverging roads, a silent shore,
Today eyes see the incomplete desire, dreaming to be whole…

Muslimah Poetess


Its worth the toil, Dreamers…



Dreamers with weary eyes but resolved hearts,
Taking their first flight only to meet the ground, a ruined start,

They did fly, despite the chopped wings and shackled limbs,
But failure was their best bud, a clingy mate refusing to depart,

Who tried over and over again, only to find their deserted sanctuary devoid of rains,
Who were singled out amidst the crowd, punished without a cause,

Spinster, married or divorced,
Why torment your heart, for the pain that the world had brought?

To you! Oh ailing soul !
To you! Oh exhausted one !

There is more to this story, I Assure!
Wait till the curtains drop! He is taking you to your destined shore…

Years have gone by, you still reside comfortably in the rut,
But why mourn for your dreams, look beyond that ruined hut,

You might be broken but not dead,
Your dreams are vividly still alive, hear those mighty breaths,
Don’t strangle them so early, no matter how much you are suppressed,

The zeal, the passion, that once twinkled in your eyes,
No amount of loss can make you go numb like a cube of ice,
Indeed the tunnel seems eternal, the darkness blinds your sight,
There isn’t any choice, you have to run miles to find the light,

I know it’s terrible! Its disheartening to suffer this long,
Yet how can you quit when extremely near is your dawn?

There is more to your story! I Assure!
He is leading you somewhere for sure…

You fret over the heart that’s hardened,
You agonized for those parched eyes, vacant of tears, but utterly saddened,
Ignorant is the one, who underestimates HIS will,
Once the internal pot is full, only then the emotions spill,

Make your daunting past a source of your inspiration,
To reach your dream, long awaited but a contending destination,
Use it like a tool, learn it like a lesson,
If adorable, make it your strength, if bitter, make it your weapon,

But no giving up, no giving in,
This is what from today YOU BELIEVE IN.

There is more to your story! I Assure,
You will soon crack the key of that sealed door ❤

– Muslimah Poetess

WHAT Do You Do When This Duniya Fails YOU ?

One of the most habitually shared emotion that we all go through is heartache, the fact that we all are broken and are hurting in some or the other chambers of our hearts is what aids us connect to one another altogether on a different level. but what if somehow this doesn’t happen and the entire creation – like literally every person that you seek disappoints you? What if every being – on its entirety this Duniya itself utterly, disgustingly fails you?

How awful is that reality when the guy you hold onto for years turns out to be a cheat? How does one accept that the one they believed was the Qawwam of their home for years and vouched to be their partner in this journey actually was a traitor who left without an ounce of regret?
How does one succumb to the fate that turns out the most cherished bond of a mother and daughter to be a cursed one? How does one not lose their sanity when the beloved sister who defined your existence betrays and humiliates you by not believing in your truth? How does one not shatter  when someone close to you strips you off your i’zzah staining your veil for a lifetime?

How does one cope from a situation and find its footing when the khaleels (Friends) who held you up strong, being your pillar of strength back out midway leaving you utterly lonely and lost amidst the gloomy nights? How does one react when every proposal that graces your door for marriage actually is more concerned of your color, degree and achievements instead of your Character and Akhlaaq? How does one hold oneself together when because of a single failed engagement, every girl hesitates to marry him doubting it might be his fault?

When family becomes a trial, friends become indifferent and the world just seems like it’s making a mockery of your reality. When every being you know runs ahead and you stand there still and numb on the same spot, where they left you years back.When you are singled out amidst the lot and wonder why me of everybody?

HOW? How lord how? Do we then forget everything and move ahead, start fresh and act as if nothing went ever wrong?

How do we then withstand and bear the tags of unworthiness and nugatory? How do we then dust off the this burden of grief that conquers our chests and boils our blood when we sit in our isolated huts and cry for hours?

It’s a terribly hollow dark and empty feeling because unfortunately we were very faithful to this perishing Duniya –  more than we were to our Lord. We were an immensely loyal friend. We assumed it will never let us down and that the glimmer of its cover shall never be dimmed and shall last forever.So we continued immersing ourselves in it, until we drowned.  We gave it a comfortably vast place in the sanctuary of our hearts and in turn got piercings from our guests .

We gave all our time, sacrificed our conscience, kept aside ourselves and priorities, poured out love until the last drop we could squeeze out from the wounded chambers of our hearts and kept giving till we were withering away with the beat of time but after all of these efforts – love, time and actions – the end result?

Disappointment? betrayal? HURT? why?

‘If a heart becomes attached to anything other than Allah, Allah makes him dependent on what he is attached to. And he will be betrayed by it’. – Ibn Qayyim

That’s the ultimate truth because we placed our trusts in the wrong people, we gave our hearts to this transient Duniya which is already counting days to meet its end. We offered our loyalty to the flawed creations than the perfect creator. We sacrificed ourselves for the ungrateful creation than the most appreciative creator – Ash – Shakoor. We trusted the unreliable creation and clung to them for comfort, love and upholding whereas forgetting the Al Wadood, wa AL A’zeez – the most loving – the ever so victorious creator from where emanates the emotion love itself.

SO we broke, and every time we hoped that we won’t be hurt anymore, we did and were handed with shreds of our hearts and rags of our souls. The reward for keeping this Duniya above the merciful lord because if we would have turned to our Rabb in the first place, we would have seen the Duniya chasing us rather than us chasing it.

So now what do we do? Is the Question right?

We turn back to Allah with sincere repentance, a tawbah that keeps us awake in the nights, crying tears of guilt with a  hope that HE may accept us. We return to the HIS Kalaam, and find solace in HIS glorious words, we plead HIM to turn our hearts and moisten it so that we could be amongst the Saabireen.

No matter how tormental the affliction, we cant forget that we are from the Ummah of Mohammed (saws) so after the initial little angst, we gather our himmah and believe once again – In  our Master –  in HIS miracles, in the opening of locks without any key, in the finding of a door without any direction, in meeting the ultimate Khair without any signs of it at the end of a long dark tunnel – because the Quran promises so – Our lord Promises so.

Let your yaqeen not falter even for once, because incredible dawns awaits for those blessed with the darkest of nights.

”And your Lord is going to give you, and you will be satisfied” (Quran 93:5)

Fill in your vacant nights with HIS Dhikr, you will see HIM strangling the darkness and gifting you your type of crowd by the time you open your eyes.
And no matter in which darkness you breath in, continue to hope and have Husn Adh Dhan in Ar Rahman with every fibre of your existence – because there is no entity worthy of being reliable with this magnanimous generosity when it comes to giving as HIM.

This whole ‘loneliness’ and ‘heartache’ and ‘disappointment’ is getting to you because you haven’t conversed with Ar Rahman lately. When you are away from Allah, you not only throw your heart into the chaotic mess and strangle its peace, but also invite turmoil in your relationships. You will suffer every time you rebel and move away from your Rab, not because of HIM but because the Dhulm you do on your nafs.

The reality is it needs Allah, it yearns the company of His Rab, it desires HIS kalaam that is stored in His glorious Kitaab and when you understand this one fact and turn to Allah with all sincerity and humility confessing your weakness and nothingness – HE will embrace you and love you, and HE will also make HIS creation do the same.

It’s so tempting to be ungrateful, to turn away in times of distress and ease, to rebel, to go against the lord of the Aalameen. But we forget that HIS Qudra is magnanimous and so is his wisdom. He will teach you the most profound lessons in his unique ways.

Rememebr it’s easy for HIM to disgrace you, to give you nothing and rip you of your pride and arrogance, but yet HE doesn’t do that as HE is Al Haleem so he gives you little bumps on the road so you can run back to HIM in Tawbatun nasuhaa and Astaghfaar.

It hurts so much because we have been running incessantly without even being aware of where this lane is taking us so lets go rushing to the gates of Al – Jabbar with broken hearts and ailing souls for the fixation – for the amendments. Not only this time, EVERY single time this Duniya breaks us, we will head towards our Moulaa, to heal the organ that solely based on its soundness could get us our eternal home where lies no pain, no heartache or sorrow – Our Jannah.
So we will guard it more than our homes, our wealth, our possessions and every time it gets dirty or is about to fall sick – we will get back to its de cluttering and start all over again ❤

”The Day when there will not benefit [anyone] wealth or children but only one who comes to Allah with a sound heart.”
(Quran 26:88-89)

– Muslimah Poetess

When I had a dive in the pochette of Time…(2016 spilled on paper)

Life is surreal sometimes, it gives immense delight out of the blue and also gifts painful wounds without prior notifications as well. Either ways you will have to endure it – the choice is yours – whether you would like to journey it with your creator or without but remember the entire result depends on this intricate choice that you make!

2016 has been a wonderful year Alhamdulillah. But I wish I knew what I know today. It was only after I pondered and had a deep dive in the secret yet vast pochette of time, that it unraveled its mysteries to me. YOU really must SIT, study and reflect the happenings around you because every failure or achievement is exhibiting a LESSON for you to discover. It wasn’t until lately I was caught up with my usual moon gazing session that I thought about my time, my year and my lessons.

T- I- M- E . Although it’s a small word but it truly runs deep and is the biggest teacher that you will EVER have and the lessons it taught you will be etched in your memory forever .

Time moulds you into something you are not, it has an art of transformation which leaves people spell bounded themselves. It calms down the rebels, honours the humiliated, frees the shackled, shatters the mighty, guides the lost, educates the innocent, enriches the illiterate, defeats the arrogant and much more.

With time your obsession dies, soul grooms, heart heals and matures all together. Your footings on the path ahead becomes stronger than clumsy, your wisdom takes precedence over your emotions, you are less vulnerable to the brutality of people’s opinions and judgements and finally you are sure about the mistakes which you swear to never commit again.

Someone for whom you wept for nights, today you wouldn’t care much for their existence. The people you chased in the past and gave every fibre of your being to please, might not hold the same importance anymore and you might probably mock at your stupidity.

Things change big time, that’s the awesomeness about this LIFE. No matter how much you loathe at your misery, convincing yourself that you will be miserable for ever – it isn’t true.
The rhythm of time, it’s like a seasonal breeze that destroys and later builds brick by brick compensating to every loss. Whatever it has damaged, it takes on itself to repair as well.

Although sometimes it feels like we have been in ruins for long, dirty amongst the mess, forgotten amidst the crowd and we cease to exist because we believe this illusion painted by our own weaker selves. We dwell on negativity as that seems the best revenge because it was hard in the first place to carve yourself into something you weren’t. But as ironic as it sounds, even the negativity is strangled, because every trial has a specific duration, after that it all ends, be it the anger, the regrets, the guilts – eventually time teaches you to not hold on to anything except the divine entity – Allah – Al – A’zeez.

The most essential gem that time teaches you is that to just let everything be and let it all go. One of the blatant truth is that ultimately you will have all that you have ever craved for, but not in this moment because there is a specific time for everything and that’s decreed so let everything be. Let everything go….

It will all come to you, every diverging road will only lead you to places specifically designed for you, so let everything be and let everything go…

All that’s lost might not return, but the wages of those wearying services are on its way, so let everything be and let everything go…

The betrayals hurt, the departures killed and loneliness shattered every ounce of you but the better days of unions, togetherness and sincerity are waiting ahead, so let everything be and let everything go….

The amazing thing is that this time also has very little time, so no matter how much it threatens to stay – it eventually leaves so let everything be and let everything go…….

The succesful with pride quote, ‘time is precious, don’t waste it’ but at the same time no one tells you that it’s adamant you can’t own it either. If it’s inscribed in the Qadar, then in this duration if you were to not get anything done, then no matter what you do, it’s not going to work but towards the end we also realise, that if that would have worked out then the present wouldn’t have and that would be like loosing on the bigger pie and entire one – so you feel content years later for missing out on that one piece of a tiny little pie rather than the whole of it.

Time is often times like the annoying mommys, it nags until you hear what it’s trying to narrate and then if you don’t learn what it’s willing to teach, it will keep repeating its lessons till you are thorough with the chapter and there is no room left for mistakes. It will get tough if you revolt, whereas it will reward if you obey and accept, it has multiple spectrums and colors through which it unleashes every chapter step by step, it softens as required, hardens if needed just like our moms.

Time, the more I think about it the more I smile and cry – because it got me a seat into the craziest rollercoaster ride ever. A journey that was so overwhelming and intense that I could hardly relax even for a split second. With raw emotions, glaring insecurities, sticky obsessions and a lot of chaos within the territory of my heart suppressed and masked from the world – I walked in those dark times, matching footsteps and balancing myself on the fine lane that I was bestowed with.

And the so called time kept throwing its curve balls one after the other wrapped with its gems and mysteries which I never understood back in the road, but now walking ahead it all seems like a big plan – like a workshop that was preparing me for this giant future eagerly anticipating my arrival.

Destiny isn’t something you can change, you can always make du’a that’s true – but there is only so much you can do and after wards it rests in HIS hands and to be in that position is the safest place you could ever be. It was only after I lost everything I loved from every nerve of my existence, that I realised how trivial is this Duniya. How with time, everyone will exit, every thing will scatter into different directions no matter how much you try to gather it. Your little pretty world and its people never remain the same, your tribe transforms as the years and it’s for your own good. Your bonds change and they grow deeper with distance but at times they fall apart too because we are all flawed. So don’t expect perfection from the creation, except the Creator himself.
You can’t control A SINGLE thought that disturbs your heart and wreaks havoc to your brain, and you are talking about controlling people eh ? lol

We are tested in all that we love so we lose but yet with time again as it slipped from your bare hands, it’s also returned. Because maybe by then, you would know how to love the right way. There you go again, another lesson time teaches you is — to love the apt way, the way in which it doesn’t hurt anymore. It teaches you self worth and emotional independence, It makes you stronger from the very core, from your roots so the next time that furious storm hits, when your beloved leaves, when a friend disappoints, when family backs off – you don’t shatter or even shake for that matter.

There will always come a phase where your friends will have new friends or they will get married and get busy with their new family or they will distance for no apparent reason, your spouse might get busy with work, things  might fall apart in your marriage, you might have to be away from your parents – basically there WILL come a time where you have to make peace with yourself ALONE and be comfortable with the YOU – because that is ALL you will have and at that span of time – though unwillingly – YOU have to be your own rock and not the ordinary one, you have to be the invincible rock – the undefeatable one.
You have to accumulate your broken pieces and burnt ashes, lift the luggage up no matter HOW heavy and WALK!!!!!!!! MOVE FORWARD alone ONLY with Al – Qareeb on your side and nobody else and you have to win and you will Inshallah.

Although we often think we are weak but the strength of the lonely is massive, the himmah of a bruised heart is enormous because it has seen defeat, it has witnessed nothingness, it knows what ruins mean because it has wrestled with the ground for long, it has nestled there for ages so it’s like a home and it no longer fears the ground or the loss.

Another fact is until your wrestle with the ground and not respect it, you won’t be able to rise. Make the most of the precious moments you are down there and the technique is to not hate it, to not fight it but to embrace it and let the haqeeqaa (reality) sink in. Because
the heart no matter how foolish we think it is, it’s not. It understands and though after much rebelliousness it bows down, it presses the forehead on the floor.
It no longer cries and wails banging heads against the walls, screaming ‘why me’??
It peeks within itself, crying but this time for the forgiveness of His rabb and begs for mercy which has been engulfing him all the way, without his realisation Subhaanallah!

The entire carving of these trials is for this SOLE reason, that you reach the state of ‘tadaaru’ -that desperate state where you depend and cry only to your rabb. Where every ounce of your pride is crushed and all your arrogance, ego and everything that we humans take pride in crumbles down. Because only then we surrender and fall in a sincere Sajdah and say ‘’ Ya Rab! Just forgive me. I have nothing but I have you and it’s enough. Just be pleased with me. I seek your ridaa Ya Rahmaan!’’
And when this happens, Khallas! Game over buddy! Test passed and here you go ‘take your reward Oh Son Adam’ And THIS reward is ‘More than what I say ENORMOUS’ ❤

Note – I hope this makes it for an entire year of not writing often ❤ Inshallah 🙂

– Muslimah Poetess


Kitne Aur Sabaq Sikhaayegi Yeh Zindagi…


Pata nahi kitne aur sabaq sikhaayegi yeh zindagi,
Jeet ke qareeb le jaaker haraayegi yeh zindagi,

Taake seekhlo tum sambhalna aur mitaa do us dar ko,
Taake bure waqt main samajh jaao tum un gumnaam apno ko,
Taake ghamand na ho tumhain apni kaamyaabi par,
Taake jaanlo tum us khushi ko jo aati hai be intehaa intezaar karne par,

Kabhi tanhaa rulaayegi yeh zindagi,
Kabhi bheedh main muskuraayegi yeh zindagi,
kabhi shikwe shikaayat mitaayegi yeh zindagi,
Kabhi ek khoobsurat kitaab ban jaayegi yeh zindagi.
Kabhi ek khauffnak saa khaab kehlaayegi yeh zindagi,
Kabhi tasawwwur se khoobsurat haqeeqat bhi hojaayegi yeh zindagi,

Kabhi chaunkaayegi todh kar tumhain, kabhi apnaayegi jodh kar tumhain,
Kabhi bharosa dilaayegi yeh zindagi,
Kabhi maayus karaayegi yeh zindagi,
Kabhi bulandiyaan dikhaayegi yeh zindagi,
Kabhi zameen ki mitti main milaayegi yeh zindagi,

Ek din pyaar hoga beshumaar,
Khwaahishon aur muraadon ka hoga daur, chaahein woh hon hazaar,
Toh duje din tarsoge qatre bhar humdardi ko tum, khaamoshi ko apnaayega dil hoker bezaar,

Yahi zindagi ka nizaam hai,
Kal jiska naam o nishaan nahi tha, aaj woh sar e aam hai,

Jaane yahaan se kis modh pe lejaayegi yeh zindagi,
Aage ke qisse haseen honge ya phir kuch aur dukh baantegi zindagi,
Pata nahi kitne aur sabaq sikhaayegi yeh zindagi…

Kabhi banjar zameen banjaayegi yeh zindagi,
Kabhi raseele pphal o phool sajaayegi yeh zindagi,

Jeena hai toh jiyo sirf us khudaa ke liye warna jeete jee adhaab ban jaayegi zindagi,
Chaloge doosron ko saraahne toh sukhaa hua gulaab ban jaayegi zindagi…

Har pal ki saans ka shukr guzaar bano,
Ise kishtiyon main nahi, ek hi ghoont main piyo,
Maaf kardo us apne ko, phir dekho us toote hue sapne ko,

Mauqon ki kami nahi hai is imtihan main,
Lekin sirf pakke khilaadi tikte hain maidaan main,
Apni niyyaton ko saaf rakho,
Yaqeen aur umeed, dono sirf us rab se rakho,

Gir kar uthnaa seekh gaye, toh tumhain udaan bharna sikhaayegi yeh zindagi,
Ghonslon se aasmaan tak kaa safar padhaayegi yeh zindagi,

Kate hue pankhon main jaan phir aajaayegi,
Murda dilon main armaanon ki doli, phir saj jaayegi,

Gam ke dauron main, sabr ke dhaage ko agar tootne na diya,
Nafs ki aadh main, barbaadi ki taraf apne qadmon ko badhne na diya,
Toh phir se aitbaar aur sukoon ki subaah dikhaayegi yeh zindagi,
Paakeezgi aur Qurbe Ilaaahi ki taraf le jaayegi yeh zindagi…

Yeh zindagi sabse adheem ustadh hain tumhaari,
Sachche shaagird bane iske bina khataaon ko dohraaye ghadi ghadi,
Toh bas ek yaadgaar afsaanaa banjaayegi yeh zindagi,
Jise gungunaayenge sab muskuraate hue khushi se, ek aisa taraana ban jaayegi yeh zindagi…

Paagal Tha Ya Tanha tha, Chahta Khoobsurat Har Lamha Tha…


Sab kuch ujadh gayaa jiska,
Khaali chala tha jo banda,

Khone ke liye bhi ab, na reh gaya tha kuch jiska,
Aisa hi koi Aa’bid tha,
Andheron ka woh Shaahid tha,
Toofaan uske saathi thay,
Aansun uske humraahi thay,

Muqaddar ka sipaahi tha,
Kisi qalam ka siyaahi tha,
Uske haathon main na thi uski udaan,
Woh naayab panchi tha bezubaan,

Todhkar qaid ko apni, jeena chahta tha woh,
Pankh phelaa kar aasmaan main, udhna chaahta woh,
Sapne liye hazaar,
gaata dil ke taraane beshumar,
Paaagal thaa ya tanha tha,
Chahta khoobsurat har lamha tha…..

Umeed uski jhooti nahi,
Dor himmat ki todhi nahi,
Dur kahin apne khayaalon main aashiyaan uska bhi suhaanaa tha,
Jahaan har taraf thi muskuraahat nayi, aur na dard se bharaa fasaanaa tha,

Paagal tha ya tanhaa tha,
Chahta khoobsurat har lamha tha…

Thay khaab uske hairat angez,
Logon se karta tha parhez,
Duniyadari main kachchaa tha,
Jazabaton ka par sachcha tha
Kamiyon ke saath liptaa hua, insaan magar ek achcha tha,
Paagal thaa ya tanha tha,
Chahta khoobsurat har lamha tha…

Pattharon se takraataa tha,
Aazmayishon se ghabrata tha,
Bezubaan sa kabhi, aawaz khudki dabaata tha,
Seekhta th haalaton se aur senkdon ko sikhata tha,

Kuch raaz uske gehrey thay, kayiyon se chupata tha,
Par alag si koi ek bhasha main, paigaam apna sunata tha,
Paagal tha ya tanha tha,
Chahta khoobsurat har lamha tha…

Khafa khafa si zindagi ka chehekta hua musaafir tha,
Bhatakte raaston main kahin khaamosh uska saahil tha,
Ajnabi manzilon ko khojta tha magar puraane rishton ka faazil tha,
Baarikiyon se samjha tha usne zindagi ko, par khud ko kehta woh jaahil tha,

Jise Kehti Main Maa Hun…..


Tu aks hai mera, humsaya bhi,
Parchaayi main teri, aayina tu mera bhi,
Rahmat ka samandar hai, Mohabbat ka dariya bhi,
Gumjaaun kahin toh khud ko talaashne ka zariya bhi,

Ladhkadhaate qadmon ko jisne sambhaala,
Duniya ki gaflat se jisne bachaaya,

Gumraahi ki dastak par, maafi ka chaadar jisne audaaya,
Imaan ke beejon ko jisne saaz se peeroya,
Naa shikwaa kiya, na koi khwaahish,
Pata bhi nahi chalne diya, kaise bani main teri aazmaayish,
Khud se pehle, khuda ko rakha,
Tasawwur se khoobsurat ek saathi sachcha,

Jaise thay Yaaqub (as), apne A’zeez yusuf ke khaufnaak raston main,
Jaise thay hamaare Huzoor (saws) apni aulaadon ke mushkil palon main,
Waise hi ek naayab shakhsiyat, jise kehti main maa hun…

Meri zameen, mera aasmaan,
jis ke dam par noorain hai mera jahaan,

Jo awaaz se pehchaane mere dil ke haal,
Shabdon se jaan le, chupe hue hazaaron sawaal,
Meri hayaat ki bharosemand humraaz, jise kehti main maa hun…

Aansuon ke girne se pehle jo sameth leti hai,
Dard ko bayaan karne se pehle jo sun leti hai,
Mujhe aksar mujhse zyaada padh leti hai,

Meri tooti hui himmat ki mazboot chattaan, jise kehti main maa hun…
Haare hue waqton ki adheem mauhlat, jise kehti main maa hun…
Karb ki galiyon main aankhon ki thandak, jise kehti main maa hun..
Tooti hui aas ki nayi umeed, jise kehti main maa hun…

Bin maange hi dediya sab kuch,
Lautaa na sakungi main kabhi kuch,

Chali main ab naye raaston pe, magar tanha nahi,
Shukr moula ka, teri duaayon ne kabhi akela mujhe choda nahi,

Kare dil khushi se hazaaron sajde,
Sab kuch begaana kardun bas tere sadke,
Khuda tujhe apni jannat main sadaa muskuraata hua rakhe,
Firdaus waasiyon main naam shaamil ho tera, aur farishte bhi jaanlein ke aakhir ‘kise kehti main hun’  ❤